Self Awareness


    In the spirit of being self-aware.  I am not a bodybuilding coach, I do not know much about crossfit even though I am thankful they helped making it cool for women and the general population to lift weights.  I do not work with elite powerlifter even though I think it is cool to see those savages at work, and I do not run aerobics classes.

   I do not have any issues if those are the types of training that get you off or amped up.  You have to enjoy what you do or you will not continue to do it. I just love seeing people getting after it and doing what they love.  If you need recommendations for a specific coach that is outside of my speciality, i will gladly attempt to steer your vessel in the right direction.  

   I teach fundamental human movements,  I tend to start teaching with kettlebell progressions forging towards barbell work with the intention to develop a base for long-term success.  I don’t see why you should not be able to train with a barbell into your 70’s and beyond.

   I believe in building and preserving lean muscle mass also known as armor and building strength.  This is why i started the brand Anti Frail! I push big bang compound movements, progressive overload, and specificity to the individual.  I love seeing kids improve not just from a performance aspect but also in the development of self-worth, confidence, and grit!

  I started lifting in high school for football.  We followed a program for D1 athletes my coach commandeered in some fashion.  I then started reading every fitness and bodybuilding magazine which mostly were geared to elite level bodybuilders that are most likely a decade into training and on drugs.  I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Shippensburg University and began following everything article published by the ACSM and NSCA.

   I completed a sports performance internship through Doug Lentz in Chambersburg PA before working as a personal trainer at the Carlisle YMCA, Easton LA FItness, Unlimited Chances and Warriorfit Performance before owning my own training business.

   One of the biggest lessons I have taken home is to not to get bored with the basics.  Just because the coach is bored doesn’t mean the athlete is.  It seems the key to success and longevity is fundamental development even though the market is constantly flooded with the “the next big thing”.  It’s already been said but holds true. I do not want to make people do extraordinary things I want to make people do ordinary things extraordinarily well.  Athletes extraordinary things are scoring a game winning touchdown or putting up 50  points in a state game. My role is to build a base! Develop strength and explosiveness!  There is not a magic solution, program, pill, or training style. If there was, we would all be doing it.  Trust me! Put your head down continue learning, grinding, and becoming in tune with yourself.

   Embracing the philosophy of getting better everyday works wonders.  Try to improve quality of motion not just load. Move with attention to detail and purpose.  Enjoy victories and fight through defeats. You will have some. Anything worth having is worth working for.  

Keep training, program wisely, and get better every day. PEACE!